Prospective clients often have many questions about the process before hiring a designer. Here’s a list of a few commonly asked questions with explanations:

What are your rates?

Larger job estimates are based off of an hourly rate. Additional design work such as file edits and creating new art is also done separately at an hourly. If you have a specific budget you need to work within we can discuss what can be provided for a flat fee as well. For specific hourly info please contact Scott Whitehouse.

How do payments work?

Payment structure can vary depending on the job. Small to medium projects typically have full payment upon completion (either within 30 days of invoice, or file delivery pending payment). Larger projects with phases have payment schedules coinciding with the completion of each phases. This is so we can account for changes in the project scope or unforeseen events. All payments must be made via check.

What’s the process like?

Most jobs begins with a meeting and written job proposal, followed by design/market research and info gathering. Typically, the design phase consists of an initial round of rough sketches (either drawn or in digital format) meant to establish an overall concept. We then further develop a chosen direction from phase 1, followed by a refinement phase, client approval and file delivery.

How involved am I?

It’s great when a client gives creative freedom and trusts a designers experience to create and develop their brand, understanding that it’s our goal to help your business grow. Working closely with clients and listening to their input is also vital to understanding their brand and market, so if you have a strong idea about creative direction, we can work together to bring your concept to life.

How long does a job take?

Timetables depend on the complexity of the project, availability and schedule. Typically comprehensive branding projects take around 1-2 months, and simpler logo and illustration projects can sometimes be completed in a matter of a few weeks. Either way, it’s strongly recommended that you plan projects well in advance of the due date to be safe.

How do I receive files?

Once complete, you’ll receive an electronic ZIP file with all your graphics in a variety of formats (usually high/web res JPGs, PDF and AI/vector if desired). If you need any print specific files, we can work with templates and provide art to printers. Any additional files or adjustments later on can easily be provided as well.